Interview Ken Holmes


Ken Holmes was born in Teaneck, New Jersey in the United States, and his family moved to Vermont when he was three. Ken always had a passion for performing. In first grade, he would act out in front of his classmates pretending to be several characters, including a fundamentalist preacher who warned the kids of an impending apocalypse. He would later be home-schooled, but his love of acting continued. He spent long hours as a child in his room taping pseudo- radio programs on his tape recorder, where countless characters (all of whom he would do the voices for) dropped by to be interviewed. He also acted in a couple of home-school plays. When he was twelve, Ken landed a role as Robin in “The Merry Wives of Windsor” at Castleton State College (now Castleton University) in Vermont. It was this experience that made him realize that performance and a career in the arts was what he wanted to do with his life. In 2006, he spent a semester abroad in London where he went to a play nearly every night, sometimes seeing several in one day. While there, he took a master class on the craft of acting with Jeremy Irons. The following year, he attended Castleton State College where he studied Theatre with a concentration in Acting and Directing and a minor in Writing. Ken graduated from CSC cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre. Since graduating, Ken has been going stronger than ever, acting in films and plays, as well as writing. Ken has been a lead, supporting, and featured actor in over one- hundred films, and is also a screenplay writer. He is the founder of the film company Rain & Neon Productions. Film and TV work includes the Burglar in “Cold in July” with Michael C. Hall and Sam Shepard, Svein in “Awkwafina Is Nora from Queens” with Awkwafina, and various characters in his shows “Old Hearts Cafe” and “Zoom Shorts” which he also serves as a writer, director, and producer for.

Interview Marcus Svanberg


Marcus is a failed musician turned filmmaker who started out doing documentaries. He is an innovative director known for his ability to create beautifully crafted and heartfelt work that captures something real and authentic in every subject. From athletes and stars to real people, Marcus has a talent for cinematic storytelling. Marcus quickly became one of Sweden’s most renowned commercial directors, making films for global brands such as IKEA, EA Games, Nike, Coke Zero, UNICEF, Jaguar, Blackberry and Reebok. Marcus’s clever and insightful work has won him critical acclaim across the industry, including multiple Clios & Lions. Killing Small Animals is Marcus’ first short film.

Interview Victor Verhaeghe


Victor recently wrote, produced and starred in the short film, “Pandemic Softball”, because there was no softball. The film has won multiple festival awards for best comedy as well as two best actor awards for Victor. He has written a musical: “Doormen, The Musical”, currently in the development phase with Royal Family Theater Company. He also wrote, produced and starred in the short film/web-series, COP-DOC, that won several “Best of Festival Awards”, in 2019, as well as numerous nominations. Victor picked up two more Best Actor awards for that as well. As an actor, Victor has a recurring role on “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” as Antonio, the doorman, a recurring role on the ABC series, “For Life”. He shot the feature film, Bad Education, with Hugh Jackman, Alison Janey and Ray Romano, that is now running on HBO. Other recent work: Feature Film, “Peel” with Emile Hirsch and Amy Brenneman, guest starring role on The Americans, and the lead in another feature, “Bride in the Box”. Victor has also produced a series of videos called, “What if…” based on the idea of what if we tried love instead of guns, love instead of hate.

Interview Dermott Burns


A graduate of Computer Animation at Ulster University Belfast, Dermott’s work focuses on telling stories that cannot be told using traditional methods of filming. Only recently graduated, Dermott has directed a few animated short films including ‘Worlds Apart’ for BBC NI and his Directorial debut ‘Hannah’ for a charity called ‘Access All Areas. ‘Forest’ was his Undergraduate final year major project and now Dermott is studying for a Masters Degree in Computer Animation at Bournemouth University.

Interview Michael Chereau


My name is Michael Chereau, I am 23 years old and I live in Paris. After high school I did ESRA (higher school of audiovisual production) in Paris. Since I finished my school, I have devoted myself to my personal projects such as writing, directing or even musical composition. FILMOGRAPHY : Merci Alphonse (2018) Jour de pêche / Fishing Day (2019) Sandier (2020)

Interview Saikat Mridha


I’m a director, cinematographer, editor and colorist. Have been into content creation and video editing for many years. Some of my short films are: Magic Trick Can Love Survive Corona? My Mother Calls Me Prince Mother’s Love – The Unspoken Bond Magic Around Us I also work on music and fashion videos. Some of my fashion and music videos are: Lavender – Feel The Color Hoor – The Beauty Mehak Khwab – Feel The Dream Pankh – Feel The Freedom

Interview Aggie Ryan


My name is Agatha Ryan, but people call me Aggie. I took my first film production course my freshman year of high school and have pursued filmmaking ever since. Last spring, I graduated with honors from Southern Methodist University with a B.F.A. in Film and Media Arts and minor in Arts Management and received the Nash Parsley Memorial Award for Creative Achievement, the program’s highest honor. My most notable experiences were working as the art director on SMU’s student-run feature film, The Book of Job, and writing and directing my thesis project, His Eyes Are Blue. In the fall of 2018, I enrolled in the Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts (FAMU International) in Prague, Czech Republic where I created my own foreign film and worked directly with Czech industry professionals. In 2019 I interned at Valiant Pictures—a boutique production company in downtown Manhattan. In the office, I read pre-production books, treatments, and scripts, and assisted with editing. On set, I worked as a PA on four commercials and as a second camera assistant on a short film. I spent December 2020 to January 2021 on a remote ranch in Topsey, Texas working as the assistant director and associate producer for the feature film The Better Part.

Interview Galla Borowski


Galla Borowski was born in Munich Germany to a Israeli mother and jewish father, but soon moved to Tel Aviv Israel where she grew up. In her early 20’s she moved to NYC where she studied theater and film acting at the world renowned Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute. After gathering some experience in this field, she discovered her passion for working behind the camera, and started writing screenplays. Back home, she has collaborated with famous Israeli Dada artist Honi Hameagel, on his Alternative interpretation of Hadibuk, a ghost tale of jewish folklore. Upon moving to Berlin two years ago, she has worked on many film sets, the latest of which a graduation Film of the DFFB, where she Met her Crew Members for her debut Film as a Director- Lilith. Her second film Sternchen will be out of post production towards the beginning of march.

Interview Ji Yang


After graduating from University of London with a master’s degree in Documentary by Practice, Ji Yang was appointed Lecturer at Nanjing University of Arts. Since then, Ji has worked on numerous projects including commercials as well as independent documentaries and films, with a focus on the lives of ordinary people in contemporary China.

Interview Surui Guo


Director/Writer/Producer. Graduated from Loyola Marymount University. Dedicated in telling stories about people’s personal struggles. Filmography: April 2020, A Good Man, 4 minutes. Position: Writer/Director/Actor/Editor. Two bodyguards devise a scheme to threaten their boss. January 2020, RING, 11 minutes. Position: Writer/Director/Editor. A suspense short about a woman using her husband’s twin brother to escape from domestic abuse. May 2019, A Small Room, 15 minutes. Position: Writer/Director. A drama short about two brothers facing the day when their mother leaves them. “Silver Award For Best Student Director” & “Bronze Award For Best Indie Short” from Independent Short Awards. March 2019, SAD, 5 minutes. Position: Writer/Director/Editor. A fantasy short about a girl meets the god of sadness after fighting with her boyfriend. December 2018, A Hitman’s End, 5 minutes. Position: Writer/Director/Editor. A suspense short about a hitman falls in love with the ghost of a girl he had killed. May 2017, Freshmen, 10 minutes. Position: Writer/Director/Actor. An experimental short about three high-school friends meet up in a hot-pot restaurant after a fight. May 2015, The Narakade Bridge, 5 minutes. Position: Writer/Director. A fantasy short about a young man meets the goddess of death after committing suicide. May 2020, Light Work. Position: Producer. A short film about two basketball players support each other after Kobe passed away. December 2019, Room 3. Position: Producer. A science-fiction short about a mother sends her daughter to a “treatment” center that makes her daughter fully subordinated to her. May 2019, SAVAGES. Position: Producer. An action short about a woman revenges the gang that killed her family. May 2019, I Lost My Son. Position: Producer. A drama short about a single mother deals with the fact of her boy getting aids. December 2018, Grandma’s Wifi. Position: Producer. A drama short about a boy spends the Mid-Autumn Festival in his grandma’s home.