I think that we need emotions to remember the things. Movie and photography both are the mediums to deliver the messages.

Interview Milan Radisics


Milan Radisics is Hungarian photographer, Budapest based artist, designer and visual storyteller. Hi combining fine art photography, videography and photojournalism. As he says, the most intriguing topics are the interaction between nature and humans, and the consequences on the environment. Milan has never been one for boundaries. From graphic design to magazine editing and multimedia slideshows, from photography to appearances in worldwide screened commercials, Radisics has always had a knack for doing something a little bit different. Mr.Milan is multi-awarded National Geographic contributing photographer and hi is overall winner of Hungarian Press competition and on the 76th POYI, (Picture of the Year International, USA) he won Award of excellence with How Water Shapes Earth series. Overall winner of International Nature and Environmental Protection Festival – Gödöllő, Hungary with Art of Pollution short film.
Exactly as you stated, “this series plays on the effective duality of attraction and abhorrence” , Would it be both sides of the same coin inherent to human beings?
I think that we need emotions to remember the things. Movie and photography both are the mediums to deliver the messages. With esthetic and with the horror in the same time I think that we will reach more people, and they will be touched depply.
But in title I played with words a bit : it is already art how to pollute the earth,  art is how poison spreading and creates art-canvases, healing power ( poison neutralization) of water is also an art, and movie as piece of art is about pollution.
From how many countries in Europe did you get these amazing yet frightening shoots?
During the traveling across Europe for my www.water.shapes.earth project I have visited more than 20 countries. Along the trip I photographed the residue storages, chemical pollution and mining activity as chapters of my huge project. Footage in movie are selected from 12 different countries (see list on the end of film), bit there is important to say: it isn’t country specific, these locations exist in almost every country. I don’t want to point on any location, I try to show mirror to humanity, that way how we going forward isn’t the best way, as I saw from the air. 
Do you believe there is at least a slight chance that humans can change their mind frames and become activists to save the planet for our own sake?
Yes, no doubt. Last wagon of the last train just passing… Marshlands are drained or covered with poison, mines polluting the rivers and lakes, thermo-power stations generates huge amount of radioactive ash…  I know, we need energy, and we need resources for building, growing… but the hidden cost is too high. People on streets maybe cars, but shareholders no at all.
Would you extend our congratulations to Felician Kalmus for a paramount music accompanying such powerful images please?
 ( Felician Kalmus is the name and  Agung  is title of his music)
Thank you, I will for sure! He is also happy about our success. On our end title list there are only two of us 🙂
I had movie script in my head, but after I hear Agung by Felician Kalmus, I said: that is it! I was sure that they will work together well, and emboss message to tell.