One of the most important task for film workers is to make cinema audiences being able to smell the air from the set.

Interview Irving Cheung & Philip Chan


Irving Cheung was born in Hong Kong in the early 80s, she has studied in Belfast, Berlin and London since the age of 11. Graduated from University of the Arts London, Chelsea College of Art with a fine art degree then further completed a MFA with distinction in RMIT University in 2017. Over the years, Cheung has been working as a film art director and costume designer, she was nominated four times in Hong Kong Film Award for Best Art Director and Best Costume & Makeup Design with the films, “Rigor Mortis”, “The Empty Hands” and “Tracey”. From 2016, she has been doing more directing work on music videos and short films, in the past few years, she has been writing her first feature film, looking forward to start shooting in 2021. Philip Chan was born in Hong Kong. Over the years, Chan has been working as a commercial director and creative director. Recently, he has participated in film production and produced ” Napping Kid ” in 2018. In 2020, he is the creative director of visual design in “Keep Rolling”. Chan founded Glance, a cross-media company in 2006, Their productions include “The Grandmaster”, “Blind Detective”, “To The Force” and so on. In 2018, their production, “Operation Red Sea” was nominated for the best editing in HK Film Awards and the Asian Film Festival. The short film Dream Wanderlust was his first directing short film.
Would you tell us about your filming biography?

An old scientist who owns a mysterious flat in Hong Kong, he finds tenant to lives in it to help him complete his lifetime experiment.

Begins in the late 70s in Hong Kong, June is paralysed from the waist down, she has a rare genetic disease since birth. She read a book “The Door to happiness” and found out a way to send people to the place of their dreams. Once she gets there, she indulged in a fictitious life…

In the 80s, Gorgeous Sherry used to pick different men to have sex every night. She abandoned them like disposing cigarette buds…but in reality, Sherry’s face was disfigured from an accident long ago. She agrees to conduct a human trial experiment that would take her back in time, where she could immerse in her illusions…

In 2020, Gin Ni moved in to a new flat after her cat’s death. She discovers a device in her new apartment and activates it by chance. It brings her cat back to life! But Gin begins to see June and Sherry living in the pain of the past. Gin decides to leave the apartment to start a new life somewhere else…



Would you tell us about your choice for the title?

At first we were wondering… while the girls are using this device, what’s the best word to describe their status of mind? Travelling? dreaming? she was just floating in her memory and imagination… flying through consciousness, like someone wandering around without any destination.


Where or how does the process of writing a story begin? If there is any which works out for you at all? Or, is it a matter of triggers?

We were invited to join a project with the singer, Gin Lee as a creative designer for her new album last year, and part of the campaign is to make 3 music videos with her.  The theme of the album was “dear secret”, which was about how you have so much personal feeling hiding in ones mind or “home”, and so most of her songs are relate to objects at home, like “door”, “cigarettes” etc.  So basically we start to develop the script from the lyrics of the songs.

Isn’t a dream wanderlust one of people’s most usual wish-to-come-true fantasies?

It can also be very dangerous if you are a pessimistic person.