A Medium where Vision becomes visual. Colors and Movement become story. Hard work and Companionship create the life of a film.

Interview Benjamin J Murray


Ben directs, produces, and films a wide range of projects, telling each story as truthfully as possible and pushing boundaries into the unexplored. For Ben, no tale is ever too small, and no venture is ever too daunting.

What led you to make a film like this?

I was brought on as co-director by the writer/director to help guide the direction of the film to his vision. I was ignited by his story to tell the stories of struggle.

Which things would you consider being the most challenging while making the film? 

We had quite a few locations – lots of night exteriors (some in the rain) So it was the 2-3 company moves a day that kept us on our toes more than anything else.



How would you describe your first approach to the cinema? 

Tell the story as truthfully as possible – whatever compromise that might mean to your personal style or vision.



What will your next projects be? 

Incline Productions is developing several feature films as well as wrapping up a documentary.