"A body of work that commands one's attention, as if by a spell, is a veritable work of sorcery; there is no better craft."

Interview Ariana Malik


Originally from Brooklyn, NY, Ariana Malik is an award-winning Director and member of the Director’s Guild of America. A visionary with a fourteen-year background in film production, her extensive experience in the field enables her to hone in to what is and is not achievable when confronted with the constraints of production. With an innovative eye and deep-rooted knowledge of the craft, she breathes life to any story.

Do you unleash deep-seated emotions yourself when filming?

Yes it’s a natural high and my energy seems limitless.


I felt deeply identified with the idea of obsession, Is filming necessarily biographical at some point in order to depict human emotions so realistically? (obsession in this case)

Coincidentally, I had just ended a very sexually driven relationship.  In my case, inspiration is the mother of invention.



How many actresses have you casted before Anna Little?

We had many auditions, but all the while I knew it would be Anna.



Is the original score composed once the film is finished or is a correlative creation along with the film?

I shared a rough cut with Cora very early on.  She is an extremely talented & devoted artist.  We had countless discussions over the phone during the Covid quarantine and I hope to meet her in person one day!