Interview Bill Buckley


Since 2005, Bill has been focusing on merging his true passions of storytelling, cinematography and video games. His roles have included Senior Animator, Story Artist, Writer, Digital Cinematographer, Concept Artist, and currently Animation Director with First Contact Entertainment. He has worked on popular titles for companies such as THQ, Disney Interactive, Limbic, SCEA, Activision (Neversoft and Infinity Ward) and StarBreeze. His resume includes major titles such as Tony Hawk Proving Ground, WWE Smackdown vs. Raw, NBA 2007, Disney’s Club Penguin, eight Guitar Hero titles, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, John Wick The Impossible Task in VR, ROM Extraction, Firewall Zero Hour and most currently SOLARIS OFFWORLD COMBAT. Bill has found a love of telling his own stories and showcasing them in film festivals all over the world. Filmography: Short films: GET HIM!! – Director Prank Invaders – Director

Interview Patrick FitzSymons


Patrick is a Belfast-based writer and actor. He has enjoyed a long and diverse career – from fronting a rock band to journalism, from TV presenting to feature film production. Having appeared in dramas such as Line Of Duty, Game Of Thrones and Vanity Fair, Patrick has given more time to writing since completing an MA at the Seamus Heaney Centre at Queen’s University, Belfast.

Interview Justin Rhys Grant


My name is Justin Rhys Grant I am a Walrpiri/ Jawoyn man and a film director. I began my career in the film industry 11 years ago. Initially as an actor with a Diploma of Theatre Arts from Victoria University; I then went on as a writer and progressed into completing my Masters of Film and T.V. also at Victoria University. I graduated in 2018 with Honour Marks and won special Recognition Award for my graduating film – A Piece of Us. I was also nominated for a Victorian Indigenous Performing Arts Award in 2013 for Dingoes Baby which I acted in. I was born in Katherine – NT and grew up listening to my Elders sharing with me their dream time stories from a young age. They always taught me that a story is gifted to you and you must honour it’s life and respect it as a gift to you in your life journey. I am now a story teller for Film and T.V.; currently I’m working on five short films in Adelaide and a music video clip in Melbourne. I have started my own company called Witchenini Entertainment. Within this company we offer Indigenous protocol training for all staff in order to gather and collect traditional stories in the right way, following the lore of communities. We hold high the cultural protocols and respect for each and every Indigenous People treating them as individuals.

Interview Adrian Sutherland


Adrian Sutherland is from Attawapiskat First Nation on the remote James Bay coast. He’s a musician, singer, songwriter, recording artist, speaker, author, advocate, and the fascinating frontman and founder of Midnight Shine. He’s also a father of four, a grandfather to four, a hard-working husband, and a respected cultural leader, proud of who he is and where he comes from. Adrian is a genuine example of someone who does his best to live authentically. He is fluent in his Cree language, practices traditional ways of the land, and hunts to feed his family. He is currently writing his first book for Penguin Random House Canada (2022 release) about growing up in Attawapiskat, a sometimes-harsh place he still chooses to call home. After releasing four albums with Midnight Shine, Adrian has begun solo projects. His debut solo single Politician Man reached #1 on its chart, and won Best Performing Arts & Entertainment at Canada’s oldest film festival. His second solo single Respect the Gift was released in early 2021, with a stellar animated dance video spanning artistic genres, dance styles, eras, and locations that is putting smiles on faces and warmth in hearts.

Interview Shih-Chien Hsu


I’m HSU, SHIH-CHIEN, like cartoons, brunch and fuzzy animals. “NIDUS” is my graduation project. I am extremely interested in motion graphic, character animation, and game art. There are many skills that I have to learn and practice, and I expect to learn and develop more and more possibilities in the future. Filmography Director: HSU, SHIE-CHIEN Film (first film): NIDUS

Interview Mika X


Mika X – writer, director, executive producer. Ngāpuhi / KaiTahu Takatāpui Non binary fluid Award winning writer and creator of international stage shows, television and web series and shorts. A recipient of New Zealand Writers Guild feature film grant for ‘Book of Carmen’ (Gurl is the prequel to the feature). His role in The Piano as TahuTakataapui was a groundbreaking role in the Oscar award winning Jane Campion directed movie. I have loved me a man was the first gay single in NZ (Warner Music 1989) Mika established his charity the Mika Haka Foundation in 2008. And co-created with Ramon Te Wake the first Takatapui Reality show Queens of Panguru.

Interview Milan Radisics


Milan Radisics is Hungarian photographer, Budapest based artist, designer and visual storyteller. Hi combining fine art photography, videography and photojournalism. As he says, the most intriguing topics are the interaction between nature and humans, and the consequences on the environment. Milan has never been one for boundaries. From graphic design to magazine editing and multimedia slideshows, from photography to appearances in worldwide screened commercials, Radisics has always had a knack for doing something a little bit different. Mr.Milan is multi-awarded National Geographic contributing photographer and hi is overall winner of Hungarian Press competition and on the 76th POYI, (Picture of the Year International, USA) he won Award of excellence with How Water Shapes Earth series. Overall winner of International Nature and Environmental Protection Festival – Gödöllő, Hungary with Art of Pollution short film.

Interview Benjamin J Murray


Ben directs, produces, and films a wide range of projects, telling each story as truthfully as possible and pushing boundaries into the unexplored. For Ben, no tale is ever too small, and no venture is ever too daunting.

Interview Ariana Malik


Originally from Brooklyn, NY, Ariana Malik is an award-winning Director and member of the Director’s Guild of America. A visionary with a fourteen-year background in film production, her extensive experience in the field enables her to hone in to what is and is not achievable when confronted with the constraints of production. With an innovative eye and deep-rooted knowledge of the craft, she breathes life to any story.

Interview Irving Cheung & Philip Chan


Irving Cheung was born in Hong Kong in the early 80s, she has studied in Belfast, Berlin and London since the age of 11. Graduated from University of the Arts London, Chelsea College of Art with a fine art degree then further completed a MFA with distinction in RMIT University in 2017. Over the years, Cheung has been working as a film art director and costume designer, she was nominated four times in Hong Kong Film Award for Best Art Director and Best Costume & Makeup Design with the films, “Rigor Mortis”, “The Empty Hands” and “Tracey”. From 2016, she has been doing more directing work on music videos and short films, in the past few years, she has been writing her first feature film, looking forward to start shooting in 2021. Philip Chan was born in Hong Kong. Over the years, Chan has been working as a commercial director and creative director. Recently, he has participated in film production and produced ” Napping Kid ” in 2018. In 2020, he is the creative director of visual design in “Keep Rolling”. Chan founded Glance, a cross-media company in 2006, Their productions include “The Grandmaster”, “Blind Detective”, “To The Force” and so on. In 2018, their production, “Operation Red Sea” was nominated for the best editing in HK Film Awards and the Asian Film Festival. The short film Dream Wanderlust was his first directing short film.