Interview Shahab Habibi


Shahab Habibi was born and raised in 1979 in Iran, Tehran. He wrote various books on the cinema field and Also taught at various universities in Iran. Particular success scored with the “film analyzing” classes. Because of his critical views of the political system, he left Iran in 2016. As Refugee in Hamburg he started creating a talk show about the social and human problems that exist specifically in Iran. In 2018, Shahab finished the continuing education program and was awarded a place for master’s degree at the Hamburg Media School as Film director which he graduated in 2020. His graduation film BA HAM started his international tours in January at the Max Ophüls Film Festival. FILMOGRAPHY 2021 – BA HAM – short film, director – P: Hamburg Media School 2020 – STAND UP – Short film – P: Hamburg Media School 2020 – LICHTGEFLÜSTER- short film – P: Hamburg Media School

Interview Jerry Hoffmann


Jerry Hoffmann is a director and actor of German and Ghanaian roots, who’s passion lies in amplifying diverse voices, supporting female led narratives and telling inclusive and empowering stories that have been previously overlooked. Born in Hamburg Germany, Jerry was discovered by his acting agent at 15, starring in his first movie at 18, as one of the leads in the critically acclaimed film SHAHADA, which premiered in the competition at the 60th Berlin International Filmfestival.After studying acting in munich and berlin and working in numerous productions for Film and Theatre, Jerry decidet to focus more on the production side of film and, awarded as a fulbright scholar, moved to California to study Film and Television Production at the Loyola Marymount Univerisity in Los Angeles. Back in Germany he previously finished his studies with an MFA in Directing at the Hamburg Media School.His various shorts have been very well received. MALL und 90% premiered 2020 at the Max Ophüls Festival and were critically aclaimed.Jerry is a member of the german film academy and represented by caa. I AM is Jerrys thesis movie.

Interview Nicolas Szopko

C_R_A_M a LO_FI study playlist

I run a small little studio called PartSimeSeagull where me and my team produce music videos and assets for various productions. i graduated college a year ago and its been quite the ride, PartTimeSeagull has provided work for rappers such as lil uzi vert, juice wrld, and i am currently involved with creators Tristious, Denzel Curry, Lyrical Lemonade, Joel g, and Vizviepop to name a few!

Interview Jean-Marie Gatin, Anne Charrin, Lise Charrin and Aude Charrin


Jean-Marie Gatin, implementer I began directing in 2009 with the creation of short humorous formats, the filming of Parisian concerts and the production of television reports. From 2013, I directed “Fumer Tue”, a docu-fiction emphasizing the spontaneity of the actor in a story of friendly inertia. A year later, I began to explore in my scripts the theme of isolation, whether it be a choice or a psychological hindrance. To this end, I directed “Préambule”, a dark short film about the pain of a man who can no longer stand himself. Anne Charrin, artistic director I first studied history of art and plastic arts, then turned to space and its artistic staging. After training in space design, I continued training in architecture. For 10 years, I have worked as an interior designer and scenographer for the Pustetto workshop, specializing in events, exhibitions and luxury. I also works as an artist-author for various projects and enriches my work by collaborating for several years with various artists for the realization of sets, installations and staging. Lise Charrin, artistic director I studied music and piano at a very high level at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique in Paris. Along with my life as a classical musician, I explore other paths : theater music, but also writing and traducting. The short film “The Secret Walls” is based on Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy, from which I tried to extract, after many months of research, a new meaning symbolic and poetic, transposable to the image. Aude Charrin, artistic director I studied architecture at the Paris La Villette National School of Architecture. I met contemporary dance in 2013, and since then participated in many choreographic projects. Since 2015, I have entered the world of cinema, this great storytelling factory, where I work mainly on sets, in different professions. I explored another side of the world of decor with the design of a structure for a circus show.

Interview Aleksandr Gorbunov


My name is Aleksandr, and I’m an artist from the Russian Federation. I have an MA in Graphic design and ten years of professional experience in the game industry as a concept designer. I feel a burning intention of expressing my vision and perception of our holistic reality, and I can’t find a better tool for that than animation. Filmography: Metamorphosis (2020) How he went away (2021)

Interview Dermott Burns


A graduate of Computer Animation at Ulster University Belfast, Dermott’s work focuses on telling stories that cannot be told using traditional methods of filming. Only recently graduated, Dermott has directed a few animated short films including ‘Worlds Apart’ for BBC NI and his Directorial debut ‘Hannah’ for a charity called ‘Access All Areas. ‘Forest’ was his Undergraduate final year major project and now Dermott is studying for a Masters Degree in Computer Animation at Bournemouth University.

Interview Jack Martin


JACK MARTIN is a Chicago born filmmaker driven by larger than life stories steered by grounded and relatable characters. He excelled at USC where he was selected to direct two senior thesis projects, the later being a web series produced by Ron Howard & Brian Grazer’s New Form Digital. Since graduating, he’s worked on big blockbusters, including The Lion King and Godzilla vs Kong, which inspired his 2019 Film Pipeline Finalist short film ‘MANHUNT’.

Interview Anna Kuperberg


Anna Kuperberg has been a photographer in San Francisco for 28 years. Her background in fine art and photojournalism bring a visually driven approach to storytelling in film. She met Carla Jean Johnson in 1998 and they got married in 2004 at City Hall and again in 2008. This is her first film.

Interview Ben Schaub


Ben Schaub is a 19 year old director and filmmaker who grew up in a small town in northern Germany. Having no television at home in his childhood led to a big fascination for film when he got older and got to know the possibilities and impact of this medium consciously. While finishing High school in 2019 Ben started to create Video Commercials as part of a small team with varied tasks. In 2020 he directed and produced his two short film debuts “Black Sleep” and “Weltschmerz” and started to work with Nico Semsrott’s Team on several projects as a Trainee.